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Digitalks, Middle East’s initial conference series finished with participants and people handling the problems.

The launching of Digitalks brought together a number of their most accomplished and innovative minds in the company, giving a platform for business professionals at the network Middle East to exchange ideas and enhance business development.

With the subject”The Growing E-commerce Trends from the Middle East,” attendees were a part of their very first digital platform which demonstrated the most recent services and solutions that can help them compete and win in today’s dynamic digital environment.

“Deriving extraordinary effects from advanced technology demands innovative men and women,” said Naguib Toihiri, organizer of this seminar & Head of Marketing in RBBi. “With over 72.5 million Web users in the MENA region, it is apparent the e-commerce is on the upswing. Our aim, with the launching of Digitalks, is to educate, inspire, and equip electronic fans with the know-how, imagination, and new connections which may help take their electronic marketing and advertising applications to new heights”

The event featured real-world success stories keynotes and networking. Two-hour UX concentrated and innovative SEO workshops were held, to supply participants such as user search procedures and tools. Attendees had an opportunity to check at the prospective and present leaders and paid press together with the instruments and practices to ensure a successful new in the world.


Digital Media Director of TV & Radio Commented

“Here in the Middle East, we’re enthusiastic social networking users. With over 88 percent of the online population using social networking platforms daily with Du internet for 1 day. Moreover, together with the speedy increase of social networking use in the area, we are now seeing a new phenomenon – societal selling,” commented Heba AlSamt, Digital Media Director of TV & Radio in Dubai Media Inc. and among the keynote speakers in Digitalks who addressed the nation of societal for eCommerce from the MENA area.

In the UAE alone, the amount of users is as large as 99 percent. And shoppers that are internet represent 62 percent of the populace. That is a 25 percent increase from the preceding year. Following the 2017 report of PwC Middle East websites is becoming the instrument for participation.

Customer behavior is in reality, engaging social networking with 48 percent. In online promotions and over 52 percent using networking channels to assess store or product testimonials.

“Manufacturers utilizing Social networking since the beginning. But this season we’re seeing a rise in focus as an increasing number of the budget. Has been put on these channels together to connect with clients,” additional AlSamt.

According to a report released by the repayment system PayFort that was online. The Middle East marketplace is going to be double by 2020 to over $69 billion. With the attention on digital expansion speakers in Digitalks delivered advice and presentations.

Du internet for 1 day

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