Du vs etisalat

Whether you’re fresh to the U.A.E or eyeing to change network providers, discovering the right provider with the picture-perfect plan can be complicated. Our guide will provide you a summary of the mobile network providers in the U.A.E and guidelines


To watch TV a few years back was very difficult because you had to wait. For your favorite program or channel to be run on TV. Also, children had to wait for their favorite cartoon programs all day to be

Du Router

A router is an electronic device use to interconnect computer networks. Computers send data packets from one to another and a network. Consisting of more than one and more than two computers has to be connected at some point. And

Du netflix

What is Netflix? Netflix is the world’s leading internet entertainment service with 130 million paid memberships in over 190 countries and is host to numerous TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members

Du moving house

In U.A.E it’s difficult to moving house if you are a working man/woman. Life is so much busy as it is in the whole world people are working to achieve their goals. Therefore they don’t have time to do such

Du movies

Sometimes going to the cinema feels very tiring and we all want to have our choices of movies to watch. Working men and women mostly have time only on the weekend for their families. And they don’t want to waste

Du International call package

Many people living in U.A.E have complained about their telecom operators regarding international calling. Companies are providing international calling to many countries but it is very expensive to call. All the customers want to call their loved ones living far

Du Kabayan Bundle

People who are from the Philippines are living in U.A.E to work or to study. They want to get connected with their friends and family back home in the Philippines. Therefore, Du Kabayan Bundle is the package for them to

Du elife

What is Elife? Elife is basically a term used to define next-generation technology, this technology allows you to have superfast internet, High definition TV and receive high-quality voice over landline. This is the technology that we all are using nowadays

Du Dongle

Image Source: (Freepik) If whilst overseas, you have come throughout the expression Wi-Fi Dongle, You’ve been searching to get the net. If you’re not familiar with this particular device, it is time to become acquainted since it can come in

Du Data Plans

Image Source: (Freepik) The availability of data speeds on 4G networks has made it simpler for users to consume videos on the smartphone, so your information plan will likely be spent up is consumed by video streaming. Below are a

Du Customer Care Number

Image Source: (Slideshare) Here in this blog, I want to talk about how to contact Du Customer Care Number but first, let’s see why customer service is important? Customer service is vital for any company. The loyalty of a client

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