Du International call package

Many people living in U.A.E have complained about their telecom operators regarding international calling. Companies are providing international calling to many countries but it is very expensive to call. All the customers want to call their loved ones living far

Du Kabayan Bundle

People who are from the Philippines are living in U.A.E to work or to study. They want to get connected with their friends and family back home in the Philippines. Therefore, Du Kabayan Bundle is the package for them to

Du elife

What is Elife? Elife is basically a term used to define next-generation technology, this technology allows you to have superfast internet, High definition TV and receive high-quality voice over landline. This is the technology that we all are using nowadays

Du Dongle

Image Source: (Freepik) When Du Dongle introduced? As the technology evolving DU knows how to stay in the market as the leading internet provider, so in 2011 they launch the 42 Mbps internet key also known as (DU Dongle) it

Image Source: (Freepik) Watching movies online and suddenly the buffering starts and it keeps on going, playing a video game and it started to lag because the internet is slow, wanted to watch the live steam of match but you

Du Customer Care Number

Image Source: (Slideshare) Here in this blog, I want to talk about how to contact Du Customer Care Number but first, let’s see why customer service is important? Customer service is vital for any company. The loyalty of a client

Du Broadband

Image Source: (Freepik) What is Broadband? Broadband is the term that generally refers to an Internet service that often works with a cable connection, but is also available as DSL or Fiber. The dawn of the Internet era has led