Du Mobile Internet Package Or Etisalat What To Choose?

Du Mobile Internet Packages
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There may only be two service providers – Etisalat and du – but when it involves picking a mobile-phone package, there are many options.

It all depends on your needs: prepaid or postpaid, tourist or resident, local minutes or international minutes, a touch data or tons of knowledge, contract or no contract, phone or no phone.

The pricing for Etisalat and du packages are analogous, but there are more options through the app-based Virgin Mobile UAE brand, owned by du parent company Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, and Etisalat’s branded package swyp (which stands for “So, what’s your plan?”). Here’s our guide the deals to be had and therefore the strategies to adopt to make sure you create the simplest choice.


The options

There are 19.3 million active mobile subscriptions within the UAE, consistent with November 2018 data from the Telecommunications regulatory agency. The penetration rate is 218.8 mobile subscriptions per 100 inhabitants. as compared, there have been 11 million subscriptions and a 198.5 penetration rate in 2011.

Etisalat, founded in 1976 and a part of the Emirates Telecommunication Group, is that the UAE’s oldest and largest operator. Du launched in 2007. Both have similar network coverage and quality, consistent with TRA data.

Etisalat has 10.73 million mobile subscribers (58 percent), while du has 7.89 million (42 percent) as of the top of 2018. These numbers include swyp and Virgin Mobile, services that started in September 2017. Although those services don’t disclose their numbers separately, a Virgin Mobile representative said the app was downloaded quite 1,000,000 times.

Although swyp and Virgin Mobile are sometimes called mobile virtual network operators because they use the prevailing Etisalat and du infrastructure, they are doing not have separate operating licenses. Swyp is essentially a branded package, while Virgin Mobile may be a brand that was licensed from Mary’s group. Being app-based, they are going after a selected segment of the market – younger and more tech-savvy. Swyp is merely for users between the ages of 15 and 29.



Matthew Reed, practice leader for the Middle East and Africa at consultancy Ovum, says the 2 operators generally don’t aggressively slash prices.

“Given the structure of the market, the result is that they choose to not compete too fiercely on price,” says Mr. Reed, who covers the telecoms sector.

Instead, they need promotions like free double data and other perks.

Virgin offers competitive pricing because its overall costs are lower, but du’s parent company remains careful to not “cannibalize its service”, Mr. Reed says.

“Part of the proposition of Virgin is about the price. It tends to be slightly better pricing and slightly lower-cost packages,” Mr. Reed says. “The incontrovertible fact that it’s an app means the prices should be lower because the purchasers are managing the service through the app and there’s less need for customer-service staff.”


Prepaid vs postpaid

Of the 19.3 million active mobile subscriptions within the UAE, the overwhelming majority (15.9 million) are prepaid – where the bill is paid beforehand – instead of postpaid, where you receive a bill at the top of the month.

“Unlike Western Europe and North America, where operators offer a phone with packages to urge people on a postpaid plan, prepaid is that the dominant method,” says Mr. Reed. “[UAE] operators are now trying to extend the number of postpaid customers because they tend to spend more and they’re during a contract, so you don’t need to leave and recruit them.”

The operators have done this by offering the pliability of postpaid plans without contracts, while also offering incentives like more data or discounts once you check-in for 12-month or 24-month contracts. The penalties for breaking a contract are often costly.

For Etisalat plans, it either costs Dh50 or Dh100 times the number of months remaining within the contract, counting on the package. For du plans, it is often anywhere between Dh100 times the remaining months for a 12-month contract (Smart 150) to Dh1,000 times the remaining months of the second year for a 24-month contract (Smart 1000).

The remaining amount on the plan is non-refundable if you cancel for Virgin. Although you’ll upgrade your plan during the contract, you can’t downgrade it.


Choosing an idea

To figure out what plan is for you, first determine what percentage of local and international minutes you’d use. On a mean month through a couple of bill cycles.

For international calling, since voice Internet Protocol services like Skype and FaceTime are blocked within the UAE, another consideration is subscribing to an online calling plan. Etisalat, du mobile internet package and Virgin all now offer unlimited calling through the applications BOTIM and C’ME for a charge of Dh52.50 per month.

Data are often tricky also. About 1GB is usually enough for those that use WhatsApp, Google Maps and lightweight internet. For those that stream video and music, 5GB or higher is more suitable. Some plans offer free Wi-Fi through the UAE Wi-Fi (Etisalat), Wi-Fi UAE (du) or swyp networks.

Including a phone together with your plan would require signing up for a contract.

We take a better check out what the UAE’s telecom providers need to offer:



For prepaid customers, Etisalat has the selection of three lines: Wasel, Wasel Premium, and visitor. The Wasel line costs Dh57.75 to activate, while the Wasel Premium line. Which comes with a private number of your choice and three GB data free per month. For the primary six months, it costs Dh1,050. The visitor line costs Dh105 and includes such benefits as a free Dh100 Careem ride and discount vouchers.

Pre-paid packages include combo plans; one-day, one-week or one-month packs; local calling packages; and international calling packages. Prices range from Dh36.75 to Dh205 per month.

Post-paid plans, which cost Dh131.25 to activate, include Freedom, Emirati, Smart, new postpaid and premium postpaid. Prices range from Dh52.50 to Dh1,260 per month. Some favor flexible minutes over local minutes, or the other, and most include more data once you sign a contract.


Du UAE mobile internet packages

Du’s prices for activation are equivalent to Etisalat. But it’s a web exclusive prepaid offer that waives the activation fee. For a Dh52.50 package that has 30 flex minutes and 750MB data. Du also waives postpaid line activation fees for patrons who check-in for auto payments.

The du website allows users to seek out the foremost appropriate plan by choosing between prepaid, postpaid or tourist. Within prepaid, there’s a choice between voice and data or data only, and daily or monthly recharge. Within postpaid, there are choices between national or flexible calling and lightweight, medium or heavy data. The range of costs is analogous to Etisalat.

A tourist line is as cheap as Dh26.25 for 3 days of 10 flex minutes and 150 MB data. Up to Dh115.50 for 14 days of 40 flex minutes and a couple of GB data.

Here is the comparison between Du and Etisalat prepaid or postpaid packages:

Etisalat and du internet packages for prepaid mobile and postpaid













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