Du Provides The Best Mobile Packages For Internet & Calling

In Dubai, are you fresh? Are you internet packages? DU is a choice. DU is a renowned and famous telecom business in Dubai. Bundles and the services of DU are famous from the UAE due to reach that is wonderful and the price. DU includes nearly 25 million readers and is called the data system that is largest and very best. So we’ve gathered packages for our subscribers and all of the call programs with the method.

DU Mobile Packages For Calling

There is the least expensive and best in support. Avail the package depending on your needs.

Package PlanPriceValidityPlan details
National Minutes PackAED 11 Day5 National Minutes
Best Daily Non-Stop bundleAED 21 Day3 On-Net flexible minutes
Super Daily Non-Stop BundleAED 31 Day5 On-Net flexible minutes
Cheap Daily Non-Stop BundleAED 51 Day8 On-Net Flexible minutes with 50 MBs internet
Monthly Non-Stop BundleAED 2530 Days35 On-Net Flexible minutes
Super Monthly Non-Stop BundleAED 5030 Days75 On-Net Flexible minutes

How to Activate?

• To register any of those Above call bundle only dial *135*4from the phone

The instructions are followed by • To trigger the bundle that is compulsory.

• the packages All Services can be found all amounts except 188 or the amounts, 155 and 135, 800.

Friends and Loved One’s Bundle

Family and friends call packages to allow you to avail. 1000 minutes AED 69. All you will need is to dial *135*90# to register to bundle to have loads of moments to speak with family and your friends. Any five numbers will be put as the favorite default amounts. Get Acquainted with the bundles

CountryMonthly PackWeekly Pack
Pakistan Any 5 Zong numbers800 mins in AED 69200 mins in AED 20
India Any 5 numbers1000 mins in AED 69200 mins in AED 20
Afghanistan Any 5 Roshan numbers1000 mins in AED 79250 mins in AED 25
Indonesia Any 5 Telkomsel numbers1000 mins in AED 79250 mins in AED 25
Nepal Any 5 Ncell numbers800 mins in AED 69200 mins in AED 20
Phillippines Any 5 Globe numbers1000 mins in AED 79250 mins in AED 25

Mobile Packages
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DU Mobile Packages For Internet

It’s time And household with intelligent internet packages. The DU internet mobile packages are best for smartphone computers, computers or your tablet computer only because they help to satisfy your web requirements. Pick the plan that triggers and fits your needs.

Price inclusive of VAT 5%Full DataSocial DataValidity
AED 25200 MB200 MB30 Days
AED 55500 MB500 MB30 Days
AED 1101.1 GB1.1 GB30 Days
AED 2105 GB3 GB30 Days
AED 52525 GB15 GB30 Days

The way to trigger Du Monthly Packages?

1. To Be Able to trigger the Internet bundle, you have to dial *135#5

2. Total package details Will be revealed to you adhere to the step-by-step directions to activate the bundle.

3. You can trigger the Bundle directly using a recharge

• Dial *131*RechargeNumber#

• Or dial *135# to Adhere to the directions

4. For Additional Aid Compose Data Assist and deliver it for assistance to 1355.


DU prepaid calling and Du mobile packages for the internet are notable because of support. The Business has attained adaptability Delivered the quality through recent years. These data packs guarantee the Customers may be available for all sorts and to enjoy the benefits Of consumers. Are you ready to call packages, in addition, to participate with the Internet Provided by DU? Do let us know your experience.

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