(Du Internet vs Etisalat Home Internet) which one is the best?

Du vs Etisalat
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Whether you’re fresh to the U.A.E or eyeing to change network providers, discovering the right provider with the picture-perfect plan can be complicated. Our guide will provide you a summary of the mobile network providers in the U.A.E and guidelines about Du vs Etisalat.

Big mobile operators in U.A.E.

While the U.A.E’s cell phone services are not as competitive as about the other countries, there are plenty of options here to make you think twice.

Cell phone services here are mainly provided by the big two: Etisalat and Du. these are the former and the oldest leading mobile network service providers in the county with over half of the total mobile phone service market.

(Du vs Etisalat) coverage.

Both Etisalat and Du have massive coverage in the country, but you might catch yourself dropping bars in some areas. There are service coverage maps on both providers’ websites but these don’t permanently show local dead regions. You’ll want to ask close or test coverage with a prepaid SIM near your home and work to make sure your mobile works where you need it the furthermost.

(Du vs Etisalat) comparison.

The U.A.E’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has released the outcomes of the performances of the mobile networks of the two operators Du and Etisalat, showing that the smaller telecom services provider Du’s voice quality is better when it comes to outdoor calling while the older and bigger company Etisalat excels in indoor voice quality service. it has also checked for Du or Etisalat for home internet also.

The outdoor voice quality Du has scored is 97.02 percent and Etisalat achieved 95.33 percent. But for the indoor voice quality Etisalat scored 97.73 percent and Du at 97.48 percent it is not that much big difference between these two in here.

Calling comparison.



Outdoor call completion98.55%Outdoor call completion98.59%
Indoor call completion98.80%Indoor call completion98.89%
Outdoor call setup success98.84%Outdoor call setup success98.83%
Indoor call setup success99.42%Indoor call setup success99.24%
Outdoor Call drop rate0.30%Outdoor Call drop rate0.25%
Indoor call drop rate0.63%Indoor call drop rate0.36%


2G/3G comparison.

Du (2G/3G)

Etisalat (2G/3G)

Outdoor FTP DL4583 kbpsOutdoor FTP DL5724 kbps
Indoor FTP DL6922 kbpsIndoor FTP DL8287 kbps
Outdoor FTP UL796 kbpsOutdoor FTP UL681 kbps
Indoor FTP UL327 kbpsIndoor FTP UL763 kbps
Outdoor HTTP Browser protocol5570 kbpsOutdoor HTTP Browser protocol5630 kbps
Indoor HTTP UL445 kbpsIndoor HTTP UL762 kbps


LTE comparison.

Du (LTE)

Etisalat (LTE)

FTP DL4583 kbpsOutdoor FTP DL5724 kbps
FTP UL796 kbpsOutdoor FTP UL681 kbps
HTTP Browser protocol327 kbpsHTTP Browser protocol763 kbps
HTTP DL5570 kbpsHTTP DL5630 kbps
HTTP UL445 kbpsHTTP UL762 kbps


The (TRA) has done a survey more than 13,000 km of U.A.E’s roads at peak hours during working days in all the emirates, Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah as well as the western region and major highways also. So from these test which has run by TRA, you can check and decide why Du is better than Etisalat in all formats and to know how you can switch from Etisalat to Du for more info, you can check here.

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