Greatest Du Internet Prepaid Sim Card for Tourists at 2020

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N November 2019 I spent a few days between and in my Excursion to Iraq, Kurdistan along with my Pakistan excursion. The very first thing I did upon arrival bought a UAE sim card for visitors to remain on the line. If you use a good deal of information, like most other items from the UAE that a Dubai sim card is costly. I shall tell you all that you want to learn about a Dubai sim card for tourists: outline which sim card for Dubai is your very best and where to purchase, costs, network.


Mobile wifi device for Dubai and the UAE

Since Dubai Prepaid sim cards are expensive a TEP mobile wifi apparatus for Dubai is a fairly great idea. Given the fact which you find a lot of information every day and can connect up to 5 devices at the same time.

Perfect for individuals Traveling with couples or kids! Check out the offers from TEP Wireless or click.


Mobile internet suppliers in Dubai and the UAE

Regrettably, There are just 2 operators that are mobile in Dubai: Etisalat and Du. Meaning rates and no competition. The UAE is among the countries in the world in regards to prepaid sim cards.

Thus Far I’ve Completed research about sim cards for vacationers in nearly 35 countries. Even pricey nations like Switzerland, Norway, Finland are substantially more affordable than Dubai information sim cards!


The best cellular community in Dubai and UAE

To assess that of The 2 cellular operators has the very best cellular network I contrasted both policy maps from


Where to Purchase a Dubai prepaid sim card

There are two options for purchasing a Dubai sim card for vacationers. You may visit any Du or Etisalat store and wait until you get into the city or you purchase a Du Internet Prepaid UAE sim card in Dubai Airport. In every mall in Dubai, you’ll discover even a Du store or an Etisalat so purchasing a sim card is simple.

There’s not much cost difference for buying a sim card At the airport, however, in the DXB airport, you or Town have more choices. If purchasing a UAE sim card in Dubai bring your passport, it is needed by you!


Purchasing a UAE sim card at Dubai

Since I told You in case you missed this chance, although it is suggested to purchase a Dubai sim card in Dubai Airport I shall offer you the information.


Costs UAE sim card

My study for Since there are just 2 operators that are mobile in the UAE sim card has been straightforward.


Du Internet Offers Prepaid sim cards

The Du internet prepaid Sim card costs in their stores around the Dubai malls will be at the airport. They provide 3 UAE prepaid sim cards for vacationers:

55 AED ($15) = 500 MB + 20 minutes – legal for seven days.

75 AED ($20) = 2 GB + 40 minutes – legal for 14 days.

110 AED ($30) = 3.5 GB + 50 minutes – legal for 14 days.

The information of this Above Du Dubai sim cards is only legitimate from the UAE, the calling minutes are to anyplace on earth.


Greatest UAE sim card for vacationers

It’s a Simple Decision to ascertain the UAE card that is ideal for vacationers if you would like to purchase a sim card. Du Dubai offers value for money in comparison to Etisalat and they’re the UAE sim card for most vacationers.


Purchasing a sim card in Dubai Airport DXB

From the Start Of this article, I said it is ideal to purchase your Dubai sim card. At each terminal, you’ll discover Dubai sim card vendors that make purchasing a sim card in Dubai Airport a procedure.

For my study Locating the very best sim card for vacationers at Dubai Airport, I checked out of the points. The costs for Dubai sim cards will be THE EAXCT SAME at each terminal. So regardless of which terminal you arrive, you’ll discover the Dubai tourist sim cards.

At each terminal you will find Dubai prepaid sim cards for vacationers:



Virgin Mobile

Dubai Duty-Free Shops

When buying a sim card anticipate lines! Terminal 3 and 2 were not that busy.


Free sim card Dubai Airport

This is true! You get a free sim card! Passport control will be handed back your passport such as a bundle because Du internet offers prepaid sim cards by that the Customs Officer.

This seems like A winner, but do not get overly excited. Yes the sim card is free but it just includes:

20 MB information

3 minutes phoning time

With that credit Because whenever you’d have a look over your telephone your charge is gone, You will not even make it into the compartment!

Smart transfer to Provide a Dubai sim card that is free to Each visitor. But you will need to top this Dubai sim card with the charge you won’t get everywhere. More about the ups of Du Dubai after in this report.

If you go through the robot scanner that was automated, you will not be given a sim card! You’ll need to attend a booth with an officer!


Dubai sim card costs at Dubai Airport

Du prepaid internet packages and prices for vacationers

The supplied free Dubai sim card customs is a Du sim card, but in any given Du store in the arrival halls of Terminal 1,2 and you receive a Dubai sim card that is no cost too. The costs for the information bundles are as follow:

55 AED ($15) = 500 MB + 20 minutes – legal for seven days.

75 AED ($20) = 2 GB + 40 minutes – legal for 14 days.

110 AED ($30) = 3.5 GB + 50 minutes – legal for 14 days.

The information on this Aforementioned sim cards the calling moments may be utilized to call any number in the world.

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