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To Install a Mobile Phone with an information bundle, you want to get a Dubai mobile phone service with a phone supplier.

You Want To be aware there are two approaches to set your phone up, either you purchase your sim card.

There’s a postpaid Line along with also a prepaid lineup:


What’s Postpaid Service?

It is the standard Phone service which lets you do global and local dialing in addition to telephone reception. Its called postpaid since your invoice is paid by you at the end of the month.

And can not be utilized Outside of UAE unless service is included.

There are three Suppliers in Du, Etisalat, Dubai and Virgin Mobile. Information and plans packages vary based upon the essential plan, in addition to the web and support provider.


What do you want to get postpaid services?

To have Postpaid assistance, you need to:

  • Be a resident in Dubai (Or usually UAE).
  • Be 21 years of age.
  • Possess a salary of AED.
  • Submit the required files


What are the necessary documents to submit to get a postpaid service?

  • An original and also a copy of legitimate Emirates ID
  • Or a replica of Passport & an initial & legitimate UAE Visa or legitimate Emirates ID
  • Home Visa: Visa No. + Residency File No or Unified Number.
  • Salary Certificate with a salary of AED 2500 at
  • 3 months Bank Statement or credit card that is legitimate or past month’s utility bill that informs you have a physical address in Dubai. (If you’ve DEWA installation you can submit DEWA invoice, or even yet, learn here the way to set up DEWA accounts )

Fill out the form (typed or handwritten) and then choose some of the services required.

Submit all files. Pay the fee (cash or credit card) in the counter. The service fees are included on your invoice. The salesperson can provide you a SIM card to assign the information bundle.


What’s a Prepaid Service?

Prepaid service allows Incoming calls to be received by One. You may pay as you go with a phone SIM card that is offered in gas stations, supermarkets, and stores.

Prepaid Support Includes SIM card fees, links, and a year’s lease. When you get calls outside the UAE, international rates apply.

As this is a prepaid Service there are reporting statements.

You Don’t Have to be A resident of Dubai.


What are the essential files to have prepaid support?

  • Passport two copies and original.
  • Should Visit Visa: Visa No. + Birth Date.
  • Residence permit (copy) or entrance stamp in passport (original and copy).
  • Plus appropriate subscriber fees.

Now, you understand the Gap between prepaid and postpaid solutions, let us dive into Dubai internet bundles of every supplier.

Additionally, obtaining a Mobile phone in Dubai with no excellent data bundle might be a tear-off and you would not know until it is too late, just how much you invested.

So instead of Googling”what is the most effective portable community in Dubai”, you have to look at every one of them and exactly what they must give and which information bundle suits you the very best.


Du mobile packages

Du programs have Bundles for both postpaid and prepaid.

When you start looking for cellular for Du Internet Dubai package, you receive more than simply information bundles. Du data bundles for providers have extra stuff that you could be interested in getting.


Du Internet Dubai Postpaid Package

The under Du data bundles have A contract of 24 months (two years):




6 GB18 GB25 GB

100 GB

Flexible Minutes

300 Min600 Min1200 Min

2500 Min

Preferred Numbers



Preferred No. Mins

N/A300 Min600 Min

1000 Min


Special Number + AnghamiBronze Number + Anghami + The EntertainerSilver Number + Anghami + The Entertainer

Gold Number + Anghami + The Entertainer

Monthly bill150 AED300 AED600 AED

1000 AED


There’ll be one-time Activation fee of this service that prices AED 125

The aforementioned are prices without The VAT 5 percent

A salary is needed by smart plan 1000 Certification with AED 15,000

Which are the fees once you exceed your daily plan?

In case you surpassed your Package, the fees added in your invoice is going to be the following:

All-inclusive of VAT:

  • Local calls: 32 fils per second
  • Worldwide call speed for flexible strategy (to chosen 175 destinations): AED 1.26/min
  • The worldwide call rate for the federal plan (to chosen 190 destinations): AED 1.53/min
  • National SMS: 19 fils each SMS
  • International SMS: AED 0.63/SMS


Du Internet Dubai Prepaid Package

Du bundles have no contract and can sign up by using the equilibrium and sending an SMS.


500 MB750 MB1.5 GB

3 GB

Flexible Minutes

15 Min30 Min100 Min

150 Min

Monthly Cost

35 AED50 AED100 AED150 AED


Packages that are above Don’t Include VAT 5.

If you exceed your Data bundle, the fees added will return to normal as you had been using your prepaid support before the registration:

All-inclusive of 5 percent VAT:

  • Local calls: AED 0.38/min (Pay-per second)
  • International calls: AED 2.52 /min (Pay-per second)
  • National SMS: AED 0.19 /SMS
  • International SMS: AED 0.63 /SMS
  • Along with the large two we’ve recently another cellular service provider from Dubai & UAE…


The Conclusion:

We expect that your queries were answered by us about Du Dubai Internet Packages to assist you to select your data package supplier and phones. Let us understand when we missed any area, give us and what do you believe in the comment box A heads up.

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