Now U.A.E Ranks 25th Globally In the Fastest Fixed Home Internet Speed

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Telecom operators Etisalat and du doubling the speed for businesses and consumers cited as reasons

UAE has jumped 16 places to rank 25th in fixed broadband speed and connectivity globally, consistent with Ookla’s Global Speed test Index conducted in June this year.

The global speed test compares internet speed data from around the world every month. Data for the index comes from the many many tests taken by real people using speed test monthly, out of 177 countries.

“Etisalat and du have recently doubled the speed for businesses and consumers which led to a rise in business productivity within the country,” Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, Director General of the Telecommunications regulatory agency of UAE, said.

The global average download speed is 59.45Mbps while the upload speed is 30.72Mbps.

UAE is top in FTTH penetration

In the UAE, the download speed is 88.35Mbps and it’s also first within the Middle East.

The top three countries are Singapore with 195.88Mbps download speeds, followed by Hong Kong with 173.54Mbps and South Korea with 144.99Mbps.

Al Mansoori said during a  statement that the UAE is additionally ranked favorite for fiber to the house (FTTH) penetration across the planet for a 3rd year during a row.

In a mobile broadband speed test, the UAE remained at seventh position with 57.45Mbps download speed.

The global average download speed is 27.44Mbps while the upload speed is 10.62Mbps.

The top three countries are South Korea with a download speed of 90.06Mbps. Followed by Norway with 64.80Mbps and Canada with 63.63Mbps.

Internet Connection for Home

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