How You Can Setup Du Home Internet Connection In Dubai

Du Home Internet Connection
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If you are new in Dubai and want the best home internet but don’t know how to do it. In this blog, you can learn how you can setup Du internet connection at home in Dubai. To Set up the internet in Dubai you need to understand the providers of Dubai internet which are Du and Etisalat.

Though it had been understood You have to go with whomever your house is pre-wired to, you now have the liberty to select between Dubai internet suppliers (Etisalat and Du) to join the internet in the home.

Du internet home Services vary in Du landline bundles, Internet Bundles, TV Plans and much more exciting offers.

You can visit with any Du or Etisalat shop to register and organize for a house installation. You have to be aware that a minimum of one is completely taken by the procedure to set up the internet.

To be able to settv up an Internet link, you have to be:

  • UAE resident.
  • In age 21 or older to Du internet home connection. Du will take a NOC from somebody or agreeing to be accountable for your account.

Before you set up Net, you have to decide whether you have Du or Etisalat within an online provider.


Which are the files necessary to set up the Du internet?


  • Name or tenancy contract deed with address and name.


  • Passport including home visa (original and copy)


  • Your initial Emirates ID (first )



  1. Submit all necessary documents at service center.


  1. Pay the installment fees for a 12-month contract.


  1. Ensure engineer is reserved to put in an Internet connection in seven days, normally in a future date.


  1. Billing begins up or from to 21 Days from the program.


  1. Bills are paid.


Now You Know that the Processes and documents needed all you need is to select a bundle and your supplier.

Whether you are searching To get among Etisalat bundles, or among Du WiFi programs, or merely searching for du tv connection in Dubai.


Du Home Internet Connection

Which Documents required?

Passport with Emirates or legal residency visa ID.

  • Proof of residency (property contract or utility charge.)
  • in the event, the contract isn’t below the client’s title: Authorization correspondence and legitimate Emirates ID of the client and the proprietor.


Home, Internet & TV Bundle


Internet Speed




Starter Plan

10 Mbps


10% Discount on the bill (in selected areas)

Free Installation* (in selected areas)

No Hidden charges

Standard WiFi router

Free calls to UAE landlines



Basic Plan

20 Mbps



Advanced Plan

30 Mbps



Ultimate Plan

100 Mbps




*24 months contract

200 Aed Activation

150 Aed TV box Deposit (non-refundable )**


Which are the fees that I shall see in my first charge?

Besides this monthly Subscription fee (which may be on pro-rata foundation for your initial month), you will realize an activation fee of AED 200 and a deposit fee of AED 200.


Cancelation Fee:

Starter and Basic:

In the first 12 weeks: AED 500.

In the past 12 weeks: AED 250.


Advanced and Ultimate:

In the first 12 weeks: AED 500.

In the past 12 weeks: AED 250.


Check payment and account


  • Register yourself on our website to inspect and pay your invoices.

Or for Your bank accounts program to cover your invoices. also, you can use apple pay for Du bill payment


General: Canceling a net subscription

You, Will, Have to either cancel your online subscription Downgrade your package or cancel it. To do this, Phone or visit the support center of whoever provides your net (du or Etisalat). In Case You cancel du internet connection for the home you Will Have to cover a downgrade charge of Dhs.100 Web ahead of your contract expires.


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