What Du Offers Its Customers? And The Future Of Telecommunication Giant Du

Du Offers
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Recently Du combined with UK telecommunication, Vodafone. That’s a massive corporation, to develop and put up their grip U.A.E more radically and professionally. Vodafone has created itself as one of the world’s biggest devices. The firm ¿1/2s linking will be helpful to the demands of the applicable customers from the U.A.E. Du has a benefit from the Vodafone¿1/2s trademark image and trustworthiness in addition to understanding. The clients of Vodafone will consequently benefit in the Du by getting comprehensive coverage whilst drifting in U.A.E. The Du 3G system that’s an edge for its Vodafone users. For years Du was able to meet with the expectations,


Over recent decades, Du has been able to fulfill expectations bring with the evaluation. Reach customer satisfaction and have also attained to obtain a solid market grasp at the U.A.E. It’s caused a finish Etisalat¿1/2s monopoly, which had a superb run for more than three decades from the U.A.E. The growth plans of Du have succeeded the possibility and they’re presently planning a 681m investment to further significantly strengthen their grasp in the U.A.E. marketplace. Du has also partnered with Orbit, E-vision, and Pehla because of its television service and is currently producing a major section of the earnings for the company in return for the enterprise strategy.

¿ 1/2Nokia has declared that the next telecoms operator of the UAE, du offers to provide Nokia Intellisync Wireless email for its customer and business subscribers. The support, which is now available in 2007, is aimed at supplying secure, easy to set up push email and Personal Information Management (PIM) functionalities for customers Which Range from individuals to enterprises


Du Offers Fiber Optic Service

Du has progressed in advanced techniques like the launching of Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and Fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) has allowed providing far better quality and support to their clients by supplying them with greater broadband service plus a high-speed data/phone support.

This boosts clarity and the connectivity to aid their clients. Du is in search of funding choices for growth strategies and their investments. Du 1/2s net service even is composed of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) technologies that are the next generation technologies communications that will provide families with internet facility exactly like the way televisions are linked.

This infrastructure advancement retains them far before Etisalat concerning quality, innovation, and support. Du has targeted consumer segments that were particular to supply to requirements and the wants. They’ve planed to deliver to resorts and companies from the IPTV service pay-per-view service or to supply a movie on demand.

Rivalry and Economy infiltration forced a community transformation to be able to not go over Du to break into the market. Du includes a way to build a superior advantage library targeted to meet the requirements of their masses up. This is aimed to resolve the requirements of home movie entertainment.


Du Partnered With BlackBerry And Apple

Du has combined with Blackberry and Apple and is worried at their handsets’ earnings. 1/2 s launching of the version this uses Du¿1/2s 3G networks for Internet facilities. The fee, which Du prices is cheap on the foundation on the market of Internet use and information; they’ve developed its customer’s tariff rates.

Du will put the system in client places in the subsequent 6 months up. Since Dubai growing and is expanding to a powerhouse that is financial and a commerce center, this increases the chances for remarkable and advanced businesses like Du.

Du further seems for an associate with Alcatel-Lucent for its IPTV solutions for the years of priceless expertise and a variety of technology to separate from time-honored business versions and also to innovative and personalized communication solutions



As all of us know Du has managed to catch the UAE market by a span of fewer than 3 years. By storm and they could accomplish this just due to their remarkable offerings and marvelous promotional approaches.

However, to maintain a competitive advantage over their rival, Etisalat they want to push the bar a notch higher by simply increasing their policy That’s among those regions they lack to shine and their rival or enjoy their archrival they should likely try to enlarge their services abroad so They Can capture a larger market share and increase their clients loyalty not only in U.A.E but capture the foreign market through their appealing promotional plan.


Services that are better After 1/2 Revenue

For fantastic quality after-sales services, its support giver is always expected by the client Following the purchase phase. They can attempt to advance it longer after-sales services are good Even though du  1/2 s. Though they have pre-recorded service services in their advice number.

They might have a bit more operators online for 24 hours to get any service services that the clients need during any time of the day if they confront any difficulties.

This can be an important aspect as this particular agenda is covered by its rival Etisalat. Du can keep monthly or weekly courses for each of its service staff in addition to front desk personnel concerning the quality development, you keep them conscious of their merchandise lines and can ask inquiries.

1 aspect that du lacks is the client’s need to visit the offices to repay their invoices, unlike its rival who gives its clients the choice to pay their bill¿1/2s online or using the automated machines that are situated in several areas.


Du Offers Best Service Quality

The Du service must make sure to maintain its quality criteria. Because when the clients were happy with the services they’d be prone to notify. That the support to the men and women whom they 27, this is significant. Du has gone through a situation in its launching phase of services.

During the initial stage of its launching, the system function for incoming calls and incoming calls has been dreadful. Clients face some major problems. Du understands this situation, although the system was still not accessible. The majority of the time and thus the network’s quality is on its very best. Nevertheless, there are a couple of areas of the nation which confront low function issues.


In Future Du Offers E-Services

Du must Consider the quality of their E-services. Though its site which gives all of the details of the services given from the telecom supplier, it has to comprise services like online bill payment, as mentioned previously and provide its clients a choice of subscribing to its services throughout the net as that saves a great deal of time of the client and the company.


Wider Market discusses.

Du must attempt to correct up an arrangement with the jurisdiction. And make an effort to hit on a treaty to enable access to the regions in the nation to give Internet services. The business would receive a bigger customer base and a market share.



So everything into a nutshell, it 1/2s apparent that Du has managed to attract and profit clients in U.A.E competing with U.A.E is conventional and major rival Etisalat. Du has obtained a discussion of market and they achieved this by providing supplies, differentiating it but they shouldn’t forget aims to attain and they have to go. Concluding the report 1/2flaws 1/2 opportunities- risks faced by du, that’s the SWOT analysis.



The Aim of Du is to follow this new plan. By dividing its support in the competing giving promotional supplies, pay per instant coverage.



Du can align to produce technology and strategy provide much better support and to cover more space.


Until Du entered the marketplace Etisalat was having a monopoly on the market. But now the competition between Du and Etisalat is tough but might be in the future there’s a chance. That some other telecom giants could come into the marketplace.

Du Offers

Du offers TV, Landline and of course Internet services at the same time. Also with Du special offers, you can avail exciting internet speed at really amazing price packages. Because with Du you can add life to life.